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Using human-centred design to reshape future technologies.

🧑‍🚀 Designer   🛠 Product Thinker   🚀 Technologist
Meta Reality Lab ⁃ London
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AR / VR ∙ HCI ∙ Product Design

AR/VR Interaction Design at Meta Reality Labs

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AI Product Design ∙ UX / UI ∙ Mobile

DJI ShotGuide
AI Video Shooting Copilot

AR / VR ∙ HCI ∙ Product Design

Dots - Inclusive Interface for Spatial Computing

Mobile ∙ UX / UI ∙ Design System

Increase Sexual Health Clinic Visit Rate in Kenya


Product Design ∙ Consumer Product

DJI Action 2 - World's first Wearable Modular Camera

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